Artillery: A History


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A dynamic history showing the development and use of artillery since the first primitive weapons of the 11th centuryThrough detailed research, John Norris has traced the development of artillery through the ages and up to the dawn of the 21st century, to provide a fascinating study of this principal weapon of warfare. From its earliest recorded use in battle about a millennium ago, up to the recent Gulf War, Balkan, and Afghanistan conflicts, artillery has often been the deciding factor in battle; and yet its origins are somewhat vague. The Chinese had been working with gunpowder since the 10th century, yet it was another 200 years before the compound was used to propel a projectile from a long-barreled bamboo piece of apparatus. Not long after this, the use of artillery spread to Europe and changed the art of warfare. This book traces the development of artillery and its use in battle through the ages.

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